Heaven and Hell

Created by Hakan Coşar

Heaven and Hell

Hakan Coşar’s oil painting.
Size: 100x80cm

Big Bear Team Star and Little Bear Team Star are heaven and hell.
Hell has seven gates. Hell is seven pieceses. In the picture. They are in the heaven. They can see other heavens and 7 pieceses hell.
Quran: 15 Hicr
43-  Certainly, the promised place is hell for they.
44-  Hell has got a seven door. Each door has got a group from they.
Quran: 2 Bakara
62 - Certainly, the believers, the Jews, the Christians and the Sabihi, whoever believes in God and the Last Day, and those who do righteous deeds. They will get reward of course from their Lord. And there is no fear, but they will not be deprived.
82 - Who believe God and do righteous deeds, those are the people of heaven and there they are eternal permanent.
5- Maide
69. Certainly, whoever believes, the Jews, the sabi, and the Christians, believe in God and the Last Day, and do good deeds, there is no fear for them;
50- Araf
44. And the Sons of Heaven have said unto the Hell, "We have found the truth of our Lord, and have you found the truth of your Lord?" they call out. They say, "Yes." Then there is a preacher among them, "The curse of Allah is the wrong-doers!" he yells out.
50. They are in Hell and they yells the heavens, "What happens. The water or the sustenance that God has given you. Please send a little over us," he calls. They say, "Surely Allah has forbidden them to the disbelievers."

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