When Moses prayed, he would turn to the Kaaba.

Created bu Hakan Coşar.

When Moses prayed, he would turn to the Kaaba.

Hakan Coşar’s oilpainting on canvas.
Size: 70x90cm

When Moses prayed, he would turn to the Kaaba.

It is clear from the following verses. The prophet Moses was ordered to obey the religion of Abraham. And when praying, he would turn to the first established house, the Kaaba, the mescid built by Prophet Abraham.

3 Ali İmran 95. Say: God has told the truth. If so, follow the religion of Abraham. He was direction to truth. He was not of the idolaters.

96. Certainly. The first house built for everybody as a source of abundance and guidance in the worlds is in Mecca.

10 Yunus 87. We was said  to Moses and his brother with revelation. Prepare houses for your people in Egypt, and make your homes a place of prayer, and do your prayers straight. Give good news for the believers.

4Nisa 125 - Who can be better in religion than anyone who has delivered himself to Allah by doing good and is subject to Abraham's religion? Allah had made Abraham a friend.

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