H.C Freedom of Kaaba

Freedom of Kaaba

Hakan Coşar’s acrylic painting.
Size: 80x60cm

Those who prevent humans from coming to the Kaaba are sinners in the floor of Allah. And God'll make a painful punishment for they. 

Today, unfortunately. Those who believe in God in our country and the world expect 10-15 years of pilgrimage. If the names, take and win in the lottery, the pilgrim can fulfill the task. If the names not win lottery, does not go pilgrimage. However, God, who was without error, created a place for everyone who would want to go to Hajj around the Kaaba and Haram gave enough time for Hajj in the months.

Quran 2 Bakara
217- They're asking you about the haram month and the battle in haram month. Say: "In haram month, war is a great sin. To prevent it from the path of Allah, to deny it, to prevent it from going to the Masjid al-Haram and to remove its people from there. This is a greater sin in the floor of Allah. Chaos is more evil than killing. If they have the force, they will wage war with you to rotate you from your religion. and if any of you who return from their religion and die as infidel, all the good deeds that they have done are wasted in the world and in the Hereafter. And they will go to hell, they will remain there forever.

in verse. Who is prevent going to Kaaba. In the floor of Allah is a sin. . Today, the Kaaba is surrounded by buildings. That's why it's pilgrimage time. all Muslims come to the pilgrimage is limited. many Muslims are prevented from coming to the pilgrimage.

2 Bakara- The verse 217 of the Surah Al-Baqara: Because they prevented the coming of the Kaaba, all of those who prevented it are sinners in the floor of Allah.
Those who made this mistake. They should fix this error as soon as possible. They must get rid of sin.

Quran 22-Hac
25- 25 - Certainly. to those who disbelieve. In the way of God.   if who prevented for go to the Masjid al-Haram who are made equal to all people of the locals and passengers. And in there are those who seek to mislead people with persecution. We'll make a painful punishment for they

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