Delivery Information

 Shipment / Delivery Procedure


1. After the order is placed, the products are given to the cargo company for which the seller has agreed or to the company that the buyer would like.


2.. The products are delivered to the countries where we are representatives with contracted cargo companies.In countries where there is no representation, products are delivered to the customs of the country concerned.If requested, the product shipment is made with the cargo company that the buyer will determine.


3. In cases where there is any mistake or lack of shipping information or force major situations, there may be a delay in the delivery period of the products.The buyer can not assume any responsibility for these delays.


4. If the goods are to be delivered to another person / organization, and in case of not accepting delivery by the seller / organisation and/or mistakes in the shipping information, then seller is not responsible to undertake arising additional extra shipping charges.


5 If the products have not reached the customer within the specified days, Delivery problems should be reported immediately to our customer service from our contact addresses

Product Return and Warranty

1 The product is ability to return only for cargo  faults . If our products are defective due to  cargo, we will contact with our customer representatives within 7 days by explaining the details of defective parts. The information and data that our representatives receive from you are evaluated by our experts. The assessment lasts no more than 10 days. After the evaluation, if errors are detected in the products due to cargo, and if stoop is present, the same product is exchanged.If stock is not available, the product will be replaced with other products that you will determine for the price of the product. Products are not changed without being returned. The shipping fee is charged by the in case of faults due to cargo.