Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Data security

When the customer uses the e-commerce site, its services, applications, products , then Personal Information Privacy Policy applies.Or the contracts made between Öneri Ltd Şti and Customer, and the information obtained during the Agreement;  Personal Information Privacy Policy applies.


Data Security

All sensitive and personal information compiled in the e-commerce site is stored in the highest electronic and physical safety standards and is only used under existing international law with a system that can only be accessed by authorized personnel and only when required under user approval. Öneri Ltd Şti.e- commerce site undertakes to not disclose personal and sensitive information compiled from its users under any name, for any reason or at any interlocutor, not to share such information with third parties and in no way abuse it.


Data Sharing

Our company analyzes the general user information out of the personal information mentioned above in order to make the services offered more efficient and to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level. In addition, if the users give consent, this information can be used by our company for product updates, discount announcements and special offers.

Secure Shopping 

Ensuring that our information is adequately protected increases our reputation and reliability. For this purpose, our company constantly improves our Information Security Management System.

Öneri Ltd Şti manages its information security in accordance with the International Standard and is committed to protecting the confidentiality and accessibility aspects of the information security management system's information.

The credit card and other personal information requested on the Payment page is used solely for the purpose of Customer's purchase transactions and is in no way held at e-commerce site or on the site's mobile application server.

Our site is protected by SSL security systems and provides 100% security for both our customers and shoppers. It is impossible to provide access to personal information, credit card information, or other sensitive data.