Two Seas Meet, Moses with Man of Knowledge and Science

Created by Hakan Coşar

Two Seas Meet, Moses with Man of Knowledge and Science
Hakan Coşar’s oil painting.
Size: 70x50cm

—-The Qur'an is easy to understand. Therefore, the position of the God’s knowledge man is clearly defined in the Qur'an.

From the story we find the position clear:

18. Kehf 60 - O Muhammad! When Moses said to his young man: 'I shall go until the two seas meet, or I will go for years.'

—-Therefore, God's knowledgeable man is at the junction of two seas. There are several of the two sea mergers. So this place might be far enough to go for years.

18. Kehf 61 - Then they forgot their fish when they reached the junction of the two seas. In the meantime, the fish had found his way and lost in the sea.

62. When they passed the junction of the two seas, he said to his young friend, "Bring us our mid-morning food. We are really tired in this journey."

—-So they arrived at the junction of the two seas. They could not see the God’s knowlable man at there. They proceeded towards the next sea reunion.

18. Kehf 63 - He said: "See!" When we shelter in the rock, I forgot about the fish. The devil made me forget it. Fish had gone a strange way in the sea

64 - Moses said: "This is what we seek." Then they turned back and went back.

65 - And they found a servant among our servants, We gave him a mercy from Our presence, and We taught him God’s knowledge and science from us.

—-So before they reach the next two sea mergers, they return to the previous two seas mergers. In the two seas mergers, where they forgot their fish. They found the God's knowledge man

The Qur'an is self-evident, and this position is clearly found in one way. !!! BEFORE THE LAST. THE TWO SEAS MERGERS IS ABSOLUTELY. !!! The position is confirmed.

If they had forgotten fish at the last two sea’s mergers. They can not go forward to the two sea’s mergers. Becouse they could not found the new two sea’s mergers. If was so. The expression in the Qur'an would be different. When they cross the two sea’s mergers. Instead. They couldn't go any further, it would be like they came back.

The location of the God's knowledge and science owner of the two seas merger where the sea of Marmara Sea and the İstanbul Bosphorus where the intersection.

Between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea there are two ends of two sea mergers that are in the İstanbul Bosphorus. There cannot be a Black Sea part because there are no other two sea mergers in the future. So the place of God's knowledge and science man is the beginning of the Bosphorus. We can found the place of the presence of the shrine of the Prophet Joshua in the Black Sea corner. We know they're here. So the place of fish and God's knowledge and science man is the starting area of the İstanbul Bosphorus with the Marmara Sea

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