H.C/ Adam and Names

Adam and Names

Hakan Coşar’s oil painting on canvas.
Size: 90x70cm

Adam and Names

Quran 2 Bakara
30. Think. Your Lord to the angels: "I will appoint a caliph on earth." When he says, ". Are you going to create a creature that will condemn you while you glorify and bless you and create blood?" they said. "Ofcourse, I know what was your don't know!" God said.
31. And God taught Adam all the names. Then God showed the angels to the that those names were pointing out. "Come on, if you are right in your case, let me know by their names!" He said.
32. Angels: "Surely you are beyond all shortcomings. Lord! For us, it is not possible for us to know anything other than what you have been revealed to us. they said.
33. "O Adam, tell them by name!" He said. Upon this commandment, Adam told them by name. God said "Did I not say to you? I know the secret of the heavens and the earth, and I know what you have revealed and concealed!"
Quran 30 Rum
11. God begins the creation, then pulls him out of the realm of existence and recreates it. You will eventually be returned to Him.
Quran 10 Yunus
4. A promise from God. The return of everybody is only God . God Creates Creation. Then God creates all creation one after the other in the space of existence. He will reward those who believe and exhibit good deeds and peace. As for those who blasphemes. For them, a drink of boiling water and a painful doomsday are foreseen. Because they was ingratitude and was hide the  truth.

Explanation: The angels said people would get blood. Adam said to the angels, the names of the prophets who were created in the realm of existence. The names also had meanings. For example: like Reliable man and or Christ.

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