H.C Light Floor Of Main Book Levhi Mahfuz

The Presence Light Floor Of Main Book Levhi Mahfuz

Hakan Coşar’s Acrylic Painting. Size: 80x80cm

On The Presence Light Floor of God's, main book's name is Levhi Mahfuz. Angels can not enter in Levhi Mahfuz's Light floor. The Holy Spirit can enter in Levhi Mahfuz's Light floor. With the permission of God. the Holy Spirit transfer the main book Levhi Mahfuz’s verses. it get verses from the presence of main book floor. And does transfer. God has permitted. Holy Spirit took the man whom he transformed to light into first to the angel's light floor, and then holy spirit took the man to the light floor where Levhi Mahfuz was. The man was stayed on Levhi Mahfuz's floor for some time and informed him from levhi mahfuz. Levhi Mahfuz is not like ordinary books in normal life, it has another structure. said to the man, "This is not a living area. Come on! Landing to the living area." After being told, the man was brought back to earth.

in the picture as the man was transformed into light and staying in the levhi mahfuz's light floor. universe is the black dot in the middle of the picture. The universe appears as a black dot on the Light floor. The black coming from the right side of the man as well Levhi Mahfuz is coming to man.

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