H.C Presence Of The Angels

Angels Level
Hakan Coşar’s Acrylic Painting. Size: 70x70cm

With the Name of the Rahman and Rahim Allah.

39/75. You will see the angels, having surrounded the Throne, glorifying their Lord with praise. They are verdict by truth,. and thanks is to Allah, the Lord of the universe. "

The Presence Of The Angels

The Presence of the Angels Light Floor is within first floor of the Light Presence of God. The presence of book Levh-i Mahfuz is within second floor of the Light Presence of God. ( I will draw soon, with the permission of God.) The Universe is seen like a black point within the presence of Light. The angels was created from light. The angels contain all colours shining in their structure. ( When you look at the crystal to better understand, you can think of the shining and changing colors inside.) To fulfill their tasks the angels incessantly enter into the universe that appears like a black point then return. There is no heat on the angels light floor. The heat is a valid creation in the universe which appears in the shape of a black point. Human body can not live in the angels’ light floor. To be on the God’s light floor it is necessary to transform into the light. The angels are created from the light and at the same time all the colors are shine in their structure. Therefore, the angels in the extremely white light can be seen through their shining colors.


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