H.C/ God, Jesus and Meal ( Future )

God, Jesus and Meal

This miracle will be lived according to the Qur'an. This miracle has not yet been experienced in World history. The promise of the Qur'an is the truth. This miracle will surely live.

This picture is the first in the world. There is no spouse or similar.

Hakan Coşar’s oil painting on canvas.
Size: 90x70cm

Quran 5 Maide
111. I have revealed to the Apostles. "Believe in me and my prophet." They said: "We believed. You be testimony that. We are Muslims and those who surrender to God!"
112. The Apostles said: "O Jesus, son of Mary! May your Lord send us a meal from celestial?" Jesus said: "be wary of Allah, if ye believe!"
113. They said: "We ask that we eat from it, so that our hearts will find satisfaction. Let us beleave that you told the truth. And be one of those who testify to this!"
114. Jesus, the son of Mary, burned it like this: "O God, O Lord. Send down upon us a meal from celestial. It be a feast for Before us and then after us. To be a miracle from you. Give boon to us. You are the best of who given boon.
115. God said: "I will bring it down upon you. But after this time. I will punish, who do blaspheme. With such a great punishment that. I have not given such a punishment to in the universe."
Explanation: This event hasn't happened yet. This miracle hasn't happened yet. To will live. These verses are the future time information from God.

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