H.C/ God's Inspection of the Prophet Jonah

God's Inspection of the Prophet Jonah

Hakan Coşar’s oil painting on canvas.
Size: 90x70cm

Quran 21 Enbiya
87. Zünnun'u (Jonah) also. when he was pissed and went. And he thought he was never going to compress our. In the darkness. "There is no god another from you. You haven’t any defect. but surely, i have been cruel.

37 Saffat
139. Surely, Jonah was one of the prophets sent.
140 And when he fled to ship of full,
141. They was draw lotto. he had been slipped from ship.
142. Then swallowed the fish him. he regrets it.
143. If he wasn't those who prayer much,
144. Definitely, he would remain in his belly until the day when they would be revive up.
145. We immediately took him out into a area, he was sick.
146. We growed a tree of denominated pumpkin over him.
147 And We sent him (Jonah) into a hundred thousand people as prophets. Even, they was increaseing.
148. Then they believed in him. until a time we have benefited to they.

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